FAQs – Page 1 – BeautyWithKeKe LLC


Are Kasni Extensions by BWKeKe processed hair? 

No, all Kasni Extensions bundles, frontals and closures are completely authentic and raw. The hair can be bleached, permed, curled, colored, and straighten without damaging it. 

How many bundles do I need for a full head?

We recommend using 3 bundles for inches 12-22 and 4 bundles for inches 24-28 for a super full look if not using a closure or frontal. 

Does the hair shed/tangle?

You shouldn’t experience any tangling at all as long as you take care of it properly by keep it moisturized as you would your natural hair. It’s best to do a deep condition on it before installation since it’s RAW. You may experience a very little of hair strands shedding as you wash and brush and care for your bundles. 

If I change my mind after checking out and want to cancel my order, may I do so?

Once your payment is processed, your order may not be cancelled. 

My shipment was delayed, what do I do?

Please have your tracking number ready then contact your mail carrier to get expected delivery.

What should I wash my hair extensions with?

We recommend using ORGANIX conditioner (blue bottle) to wash your extensions. Never use shampoo unless they're dirty and need a deep clean. Please comb your extensions from ENDS on up.